Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud-hosted email solution which offers companies a number of advantages, including:

  • Improve productivity: Exchange Online allows users to manage their email more efficiently, with features like shared calendar, advanced search, and push notifications.
  • Protect data: Exchange Online has a number of security features that help protect company data, such as anti-spam filters, malware detection filters, and data loss protection features.
  • Facilitates data recovery: In the event of a cyber incident, Exchange Online allows businesses to quickly recover their data with disaster recovery features.
Exchange Online (plan 1) 

Microsoft Exchange Online 1

  • 50 GB mailbox and messages up to 150 MB
  • The Priority Inbox organizes email messages by importance, making it easier for users to focus on the messages they need to see first.
  • Outlook via the web, which offers a desktop-like experience, with all the features and functions that users expect from Outlook.
  • Outlook auto-archive feature that allows users to automatically move old email messages to a local archive mailbox.
$6.50 Per Month Per User

Exchange Online (plan 2) 

Microsoft Exchange Online 1

Everything in Exchange Online (Plan 1), plus the following:
  • 100 GB mailbox and messages up to 150 MB
  • Integration with Data Loss Prevention.
  • Cloud voicemail services with answering machine, dialer user interface and automated assistant.
$10.50 Per Month Per User