What is Linktree and how it works

The rise of social networks in recent years is undeniable, as well as the appearance of tools that can leverage and facilitate the transit and trajectory in social networks, we will detail in a few lines What is Linktree and how it works

What is Linktree?

Linktree is an extraordinary free tool that allows you to optimize the traffic of your Instagram account. Whether you are a blogger, an artist or a company, Linktree will give you absolute visibility to your different social media accounts or to your website.

Some of the features of Linktree are:

This can be explained in 4 points:

Centralized biography

With Linktree, you can allow your followers on Instagram to follow your different communication channels.

Multiple destinations

With Linktree you can redirect your fans to the destination of your choice. You just have to add a new custom button that redirects to your link (article, YouTube channel, store, address…).

Easy to use

You don't have to be a professional, Linktree takes care of everything. You just have to add your links and give them the order of appearance you want. This mobility system is known as Drag and Drop.

Assisted traffic

With Linktree you have the possibility to follow the traffic of your different links. This option is even more advanced when using a pro account.

Linktree is a very simple and easy-to-use tool that can be very useful and provide good results in a few seconds. It's available in a free version, but it also offers a premium (paid) version that offers some additional options (like removing the tool's logo from your visual, for example).

Linktree was the brainchild of brothers Zaccaria and their colleague Nick Humphreys in 2016. After creating their digital agency, they found that updating links in bios was a waste of time.

Linktree is now headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and has more than 10 million users worldwide. Fast Company even named Linktree one of the “Most Innovative Companies of 2020” in March.

How does Linktree work?

To start using Linktree, the first step is to create an account or connect to your account by clicking the "Login" button. Please note that the site is only available in English. Once you have access to the control panel of your administrator account, you will need to create a new template. At this point, the tool offers several templates that you can customize.

The personalization of your personal page can begin and you can add your different links to your social networks or site, These links are in the form of buttons. They can be added using a drag and drop system. Also, you should know that everything is customizable.

You can change the color of your themes and buttons. The last step is to add the generated link to your Instagram biography (desktop or mobile application) or to the social network that interests you. The link published on the selected social networks must be accessible to link to the generated page. The page will be interactive, as its links will be clickable. Linktree is one of the really useful social tools in everyday life and particularly easy to use. It will serve you to publish on Facebook, in your account Twitter, share links with your Instagram followers, etc.

How are links added and modified?

The Links tab will allow you to add links and manage networks:

Enter the text you want to click on.

Enter the URL of the page that will take you to the link

You can deactivate the links, as well as reactivate them later.

You can add as many links as you want by clicking Add new link.

Some options of the paid version

The pro account allows more extensive options:

You can temporarily return all links to a page.

You can add an image next to the links.

You could put some links ahead of others.

You can also schedule the display and removal of links.

It will have much more detailed statistics.

In general terms, despite the specialized criticism, Linktree is one of the best existing tools that can support the management of social networks in integration with Instagram.

What is Linktree and how it works