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Attending incidents in the world of email servers should not be a nightmare or stop operations, for that we present the characteristics of our Zimbra Support.

We can help you with processes that range from an open source email implementation or migration of business characteristics such as the ZIMBRA platform and optimized with Zextras to solving incidents of any kind related to these tools.

If you already have and enjoy a platform ZIMBRA o You handle an integration with Zextras, but these present some kind of problem for any reason or incorrect implementation, X5 Servers is the solution. The accumulated experience will allow us to guarantee the operability of your infrastructure regardless of its size or configuration.

With the Zimbra Support you will get

ZIMBRA platform update and administration.

Expert Staff in ZIMBRA

Incident Solution and Security Optimizations

Migrations from Google Workspace, Office 365, CPANEL Etc

Failure attention ZIMBRA platform in Venezuela and around the world.

Platform integration with other open source solutions.

Zextras technical assistance - Zimbra.

Regarding Specifically Zimbra Support We Can Help You With:

Design, size and host a solution adapted to your need

Analyze the needs of Hardware for Infrastructure (Sizing - Zimbra)

Install and launch an efficient and profitable solution

Implement and consolidate the containment of Production and Storage Servers

Provide advanced protection and business continuity security

Protect and manage email clients 

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Zimbra support